Avinar - 2003 - Blackshine
Hopelessness Tears

in the name of Lord Blackshine. another beginning from deeps of unholy fields. this funeral is about the tears. rising of screams in silence of moonless nights. when the nature lives out of light. when the voices of ravens summon the non-existence and destruction. when the mysteries are fading in the fogs of this funeral. the funeral with any tears. and this is hopelessness tears of Lord Blackshine from his black heart.

Endless Memories

flight of wisdom, as the eyes stare to candles. thinking to another existence, another creation. sun, a lost candle. what slept in their burning as they give? the gray of mountains, or the red of eyes. nocturnal burning as bright as candle. that will be end. darkening skies of humanity, darkest life of nature, night and mortal burning as candle. do you remember the ages of forgotten? I hope.

Blackshine (Part 1)

I am the shine. created when the black funerals came. 7000 years ago. I am a dedication of nature to the abyss one. I am not human. my time will not come, but life hasn't beauty and I don't wish to die. because I am the whispers of wind that you must feel. woe is me if you can't. I have the secrets and mysteries of blackest hearts. one true secret of existence.

In The Corner Of This Time

this is a rememberance from the past of time. fear and laugh. wiplash and tear. cursed humanity. remember the past. that slept shrouded in the corner of the time. forgotten painful mourns of human. created by humanity. hear the sounds of burning deads. engraves of tombs. walk on the graveyard's wind. hide in dust and ashes. this is a remembrance, a journey and a feeble light in the skies of doom.

Abyssic Imperial

an Aryan funeral dance. flight of a soul to sorrowful grace of god. endless journey. lost hell and lost paradise. nihil's rules. an Aryan funeral dance. mournful dance for a soul to the abyssic imperials. in the deeps of skies that god is not able to see. a soul, an emperor, an Aryan. welcome to the fields of deeps, of darkness, of silence, of abyss. this is eternal damnation of humanity. death to human.

Solitude And Dark

cathedral bells. new beginning of our howl. forgotten feelings of a horde. howls and hymns like shadow of another shadow. the call of bells and whispering wind like the tomb of a grave. Blackshine whispers again like the solitude of a star. agoraphobic but meaningful. like a burning for shine, black or gray. can you feel the solitude of a star in the darkening creation?

Blackshine (Part 2)

from symphonies of silent nature. from songs of furious winds. from tearful eyes for thousands of years. from the creation of time. from lost hates and wrath. from blackest shine, but from shine, from the past of future. from the sun to dusk. from inner of branches and openings of moonlight. from obscure wisdoms of corner. and from history of existence. Blackshine, one true narrator of this myth. a myth named existence and rised from the bloody writtens of destruction.

No One Knows My Grave

in the midst of burning snows. a testament obscure written that tells from solitude. forgotten in time by the wind. tells from a hermit's death. waiting and pray for death in helplessness nights on a slate throughout of night. journey of stars and lights. finaly rising of darkness in that cold. sleeping in embrace of earth. and sunshine after tragedy.

In The Destination Of Lord Blackshine

aszo heliyaos teyneyferrokoshi siaasyaashelili. ferchateysila mateyas koas beymatey terrosifer asheligher ferkoshi khadeyas asvoyaneyasro charoas. kodeyrofer asteyasghos teyrofershineyma Lord Blackshine teyroghoskha.

Blackshine (Part 3)

beyroasla kovocha terrofershiney. siaslama kovocha tianeykodeyfershi taaslarna. sigherosferasney kovodashi beyneyasheliyala. kovoda shiferkorosi feraslamaasshi. teraney, terasko, golachias, khavodeyro, ferkoshima, hachakodeyas, teraskoasyaneyhalighos Blackshine terrofersiasya. lamavo koasla shiter ghoskofer. lamaghos oskovoasney khadeyasrokobey. charoas Avinar asbeyroter Blackshine gherosteyferkoshi yaneyheli kovocha ostey mayaneykodey asbey. teyroas beymatey terrosifer golachias Blackshine silamayaney kodeymachakha. drido okosmale teyghos Avinar solisan 7013 osas aerian viocha kolasiasney goyamariassitey.