Avinar - 2005 - Tribute To 7 Years Of Mourn
In Our Forest Of Burning

when I was shine, I did neigh backwards. because I was helpless. my screams on the throne and my gloom like fire of hell, now and here. because I died in graven of gloom, graven of fire. devil's hand are holy when I burn here. god's wiplash contact to my head. I died by dead angel. covet to dark hell out. wherever labels unforgiven place. where the devil lives and he is happy. because I wait to him. I come to neverland. I howl like a werewolf of satan. all this miseries just for me. my new lable is rebel here! I see one pentagram, now. in satan hands one pentagram. this is the time of my creeping lips. this is dark hell. dark hell is mother tear and father fear.

Vaady E Fanaa

del ze tariki be joud e man shekayat kard o goft:
man nadidam joz siahi rang e digar dar khodam
joud e man az roy e nachari javab e ou dad:
del to mordi rang e morde tireh ast o bish nist
del beh arami neshast o naleie ham sar nadad
chon keh dar batn e vojoud e khod degar ahi nadasht
man dar in vadi beh khod goftam ke del mord o beraft
mandanat dar inja joz geryeha soudi nist
dar varaye tiregiha marge khod ra didam
dast bar daman e ou hamcho yatim andakhtam
gerye o shivan , faghan o ah kardam man bar ou
bi khabar az inkeh marg e man dar anja mordeh ast


aszo helimaheli shiatioasney khavoney beychakodey. ferroshiteygoasney khadeyas deyro asteyshi helisiteyneydey. siteyasrogoasney deyvozokha maney roas aszo deysitey deyasdeyheliasneydey. siyaasney teyroasma teyroasas deyyahelitey asshiteyhelias sitey. charoas.


this is my wishmaster
this whishmaster is burning in hell
and I am burning in hell
cause this wishmaster is burning in hell
satan is crying for me again
and I am crying for dead satan
cause god is run in we to hell
angels are waiting (on) my head in the hell
I haven't cry for the crying in hell
satan is crying for me in hell
because god is laughing to my flames
I want to destroy dead god in this time
cause god is damned and god is fucking grace
god is laughing to my wanted and wish
cause this wishmaster is burning in hell
satan is crying for me in hell
and I am crying for dead satan
god is laughing to my wishmaster
cause this wishmaster is burning in hell

Eternal Blackness

nocturnal shadows are taking me in time
cause I want to kill dead god in this time
I want walking in the graveyard of gods
cause lord is eating feces in graveyard
Mohammad's jealous is rising for me
cause I'm thrashing Quran under feet
dragon in rising on almighty side
for kill Mohammad and Mohammedans
god blood on the satan sword
I am licking satan sword
Mohammad's tears in my hands
and I washing satan sword
with his tears (Mohammad's tears)
graveyard of lords beautifully place
and I am swimming in dead god blood
satan is drinking god blood in the glass
and after drinking I kiss satan's hands

Burial Of A Torn

I'm benighted, fallen, torn
spent in sorrow's narrow depths
I've passed from deads land's depths
isn't a grave deeper than here
o black ray, shine to me
I am torn, for many years
o earth, inter me in thyself
make my grave overflowing from soil
till never exist the depths of grief

A Torn Fate

I've sit in ruins of a soilless land
with closed eyes and curved neck
ancient book's pages of fate
appear in my mind and be torn
the caravan of dead rose's smell...
that died in the earth before...
comes from the gates of east
dedicates me the night's cold breeze of earth
and goes to nothing from the west
no cry in the silence of this ruins
I am a homeless to find another rose
how much I break the grey stars by feets?
to find another rose
to be a present for my torn fate
however fetid
however faded
but a rose

The End of Ma.Bey.Ma

blackest romantic of moon
moon is not on this black night
I am searching for a light
In this years I hadn't light
indifference of the black hearts
this is dawn of the black hearts
secrets of the blackness sky
secrets of the blackest heart
primordial abbey is burn
this is dawn of the eternal
as I saw to this burning
black ravens voices I heard
Najral Harjes are burning
crimson moon I see moonlight
voices of fogs, frozen shades
all mysteries are done
after doomed days I see this
I see the end of eternal (I.C.)
this is dawn of the black hearts
secrets of the blackest heart
voices of fogs, frozen shades
are coming I see darkness
Najral Harjes are coming
moonlight is blackest light
crimson moon is dying on sky
the sky is darkness of black
forest is frozen and cold
longer trees are fallen trees
Sertayn of darkness (is) sun dreams
this is dawn of the mysteries

Solitude And Dark

cathedral bells. new beginning of our howl. forgotten feelings of a horde. howls and hymns like shadow of another shadow. the call of bells and whispering wind like the tomb of a grave. Blackshine whispers again like the solitude of a star. agoraphobic but meaningful. like a burning for shine, black or gray. can you feel the solitude of a star in the darkening creation?

Dead Brain Of Nature

his dark chalet's cuckoo clock stops
and the fifth season becomes eternal for him
time had seized the prize of his face and body
and left him in depths of his lost intellectuality
winds of salvation didn't laugh in that season
and nature had sang only the myth of his season
he had been imprisoned in dead brain of nature's songs
imprisoned, abandoned in unheard myth of nihility

Wishless Death

i'm jealous to the twisted older trees
because there isn't a thing I twist that
i'm jealous to this grave I slept
because it's not my bosom where to sleep
i'm jealous to the river creeps on earth
because there isn't a hope for creep
i'm jealous to the winds of gray woods
because I've not a power to whisper
i'm jealous to this white wide winter
because there isn't a white spot in my spirit
i'm jealous to the falling of my tears
because here isn't height in the end of depths
i'm jealous to myself of mourner
because there isn't a mourn for myself
i'm jealous to death (which) is my wish
because there isn't a death wishes me